The New Summer Palace “The Dream of Yuanming Palace”

Location : The New Summer Palace, Hengdian Studio, Zhejiang Province

Site Area : 400,4000 ㎡


As the largest spectacular water show project in China, it has moon screen with 60 meters’ diameter, and water curtain projects as long as 120 meters, which creates the largest water show in Aisa, the largest mist and moon screen in the world. As a separately charged project other than the whole park ticket, the water show has led to the formation and development of the park's economy and the surrounding complex business forms.  

The show is set in the lake in the Spring Palace backlot. Water in the center area of the lake, the Fades of the surrounding buildings and the mountains on the opposite side are all included in the space of the performance. The story is presented using water screens, laser projection, architectural lighting, gas flames, fireworks, mist and other special effects, which brings a highly astonished and impressive audio-visual feast to the audience.